Why Are Millipedes Invading My Property?

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[Why are Millipedes Invading My Property? 2022 Summer Update]

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Why are Millipedes Invading My Property?

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The question, “Why are Millipedes Invading My Property, Home, and Business” are at a summertime peak!

The days are longer and hotter. With the warmer season comes concerns about harmful and dangerous pests. But not to worry. Millipedes are docile creatures. 

Millipedes don’t sting and are not poisonous. However, certain species have glands that produce irritating fluids that can cause allergic reactions.

Some millipedes have a defensive spray that contains hydrochloric acid. Their acid can chemically burn your skin and cause long-term skin discoloration.

Millipedes invade dark, damp, and cold environments like crawl spaces, basements, and the like when the weather gets hot and dry.

Warmer weather could be why All About Bugs TN is getting several Millipede distress calls throughout the week. 

To learn more about Millipedes, visit the North Carolina State University Agricultural Extension website. Click Here.

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