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Imported Fire Ant Pest Control

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Imported Fire Ant Pest Control

[2021 Imported Fire Ant Pest Control Summer Update]

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All About Bugs TN summer Imported Fire Ant Pest Control is something
you should consider if you live in Sevierville, TN and it’s surrounding areas.


Imported Fire Ant Pest Control is at its summertime peak! The days are longer and hotter. With the warmer season comes concerns of harmful and dangerous pests like Tennessee’s Imported Fire Ants. Not to worry though. Your All About Bugs TN Pest Professionals can eliminate these pests. Our Motto, “If it’s bugging you, then you should be bugging us!

The Fire Ant sting can be harmful and dangerous to adults, pets, and children. If agitated, fire ants will swarm on anyone they feel is a threat to their queen and community.

Unlike the fire ant, not all ants, of course, are dangerous. Some ants can be as harmless and helpful like the earthworm is in your garden and yard. Learn about how harmless ants can help your garden grow here .

All About Bugs TN would like to help you identify the type of ant or anthill you see on your property. See the facts (below) about fire ants you should be aware of and how to determine if the ants you see in your garden are fire ants or harmless fire ant look-a-likes.

If it’s buggin you,
You should be buggin us!

All About Bugs 5-Star Reviews

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Imported Fire Ants

Imported Fire Ants



Imported Fire Ants (IFAs) were accidentally exported from South America to the United States in 1918. Their name comes from the fact that they bite and sting with great pain. The fire ant is an invasive species that is common in Tennessee.


The mound nests they make are their most recognizable feature. Fire ant nests are large, flat, and irregular in shape. Fire ants build their nests in the soil around buildings or in landscaping.

Avoid disturbing a nest of fire ants if you come across one; fire ants won’t hesitate to sting if disturbed. The sting of fire ants leave painful welts and can be very dangerous for anyone allergic to insect stings.

Imported Fire Ant Prevention:

Always check with your landscaper or nursery to make sure there is not a presence of fire ants when purchasing new trees, bushes, or mulch for your yard. If fire ants are present in the nursery, then they will know and you can take appropriate actions for treatment or buy elsewhere until they are no longer a concern.

Here are some other proactive steps you can take to decrease your property’s potential of fire ant infestations:

  • Ensure your property’s foundation is secure by filling any cracks or gaps.

  • Maintain a functioning gutter system.

  • Before purchasing new trees, bushes, or mulch, ask your landscaper or nursery if there is a presence of fire ant infestations.

  • Keep your yard clutter-free.

  • After outdoor gatherings, thoroughly clean up food and drinks.

  • When your pets are done eating, get in the habit of immediately cleaning their dishes.

  • Keep areas where food is prepared and consumed clean.

Summer is the best time for outdoor fun, games and festivities. Don’t let this time of the year be ruined by the sting of dangerous fire ants. Call All About Bugs TN at (865) 453-5574 today and get the treatment your yard needs to stay protected.

Imported Fire Ant Scientific Names:

  • Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) Solenopsis Invicta Buren
  • Black Imported Fire Ant (BIFA) Solenopsis Richteri Forel
  • Hybrid Imported Fire Ant (HIFA)



  • Ten-Segmented Antenna with a Two-Segmented Club
  • Two-Segmented Waist
  • The ant’s gaster, below (the enlarged part of the ant’s abdomen) determines whether the fire ant is red, hybrid, or black.
Click the image (above) to access the fire ant identification poster (PDF).


  • Social insects, unlike many other insect pests, are highly organized
  • Compared to the winged female fire ant’s head, the winged male’s is smaller
  • Queen ants are wingless, mated females
  • Worker ants are wingless, sterile females
  • The male fire ant’s single purpose is to mate with the queen fire ant. After mating, the male ant quickly dies.

Imported Fire Ant Look-Alikes:

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Imported Fire Ant Sources:

All About Bugs TN For Kids Recipes

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture  Illustrations: Click pictures to navigate to source website

Fire Ant Mound Image via Flickr by Gurdonark

Video Footage: Texas A & M AgriLife


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